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Travel the world as you photograph beautiful birds. Get the best pictures by attracting birds with their favorite types of food. Will you have the best portfolio by the end?

In Bandada, 1-2 players draft cards from an array that has an action listed on the top and a scoring method listed on the bottom. The actions on the cards allow players to manipulate twelve dice in three different colors. The scoring section of the cards relies on the twelve dice being in certain groups, orders, or values.

Once each player has drafted four cards, they tally their scores, and whoever has the most points wins!

The Kickstarter edition has tarot-size cards, marbled dice, and a magnetic box.

Learn more about Bandada at BoardGameGeek.

If you have rules questions, please see this FAQ: Bandada Rules FAQs

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  1. Tim

    Hello. I was wondering when you will be having more of this edition available for purchase. Thank you

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